Monday, 12 January 2009

About Me

I'm a firm believer in the original adaptation - that everything that is needed to make a story great is already there in the words, all we have to do is stay true to the translation on screen.

A lot of this blog focusses on the two worlds of book and film and how books and the written story is the ultimate font from which we grow our films. Sometimes they clash, sometimes they commence a merry little dance that leaves one agape in the most sublime way.

My top book/text to film adaptations:
Lord of the Rings - a lot of the narrative is axed but nothing has even come close to capturing the epic scale and sheer beauty of Middle Earth and the spirit and gravitas behind that world. The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy (Theatrical Editions + Digital Copy) [Blu-ray]

Battle Royale - great example of staying true to the core narrative of the book but adding it's own cinematic layer so that is also stands alone as a exceedingly powerful film. First time that I didn't know whether the book was in fact better than the film (gasp!) - and the casting  of all those teenagers was superb. Battle Royale: Director's Cut (Collector's Edition)
Romeo & Juliet - superb example of updating Shakespeare for the 'modern' audience with thought and panache. Risky and in your face and not afraid to stay true to the rich material in Shakespeare's dialogue! In fact,  it comes across as well thought out and displays how no matter the time a great story is written, it can ALWAYS apply.  William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet
Jurassic Park - adapted from Michael Crichton's book, this is a classic example of a film from book adaptation that is well thought out and maxmises on the reasons why we go to the cinema - lots of intrigue, thrills and monsters. Jurassic Park (Widescreen Collector's Edition). And Spielberg's casting is always top-notch.

Me No Like:
- People who charge onto the Tube before you've got off
- Films that are 'pretty' and that's it
- 'Popular' books that pretend to be about 'true love' and not sex when in fact they are just depraved, silly and are about sex, have nothing to do with love and a zillion teenage girls are uber-fans of them and it's just wrong.
-Those pre-recorded messages that play when the phone rings (signalling the end of humanity)
-BAD SPELLING & GRAMMAR! Why do people not understand that the abbreviated 'you are' is 'you're' not 'your' ?!!- come on!

Me Like:
- Old school politeness
- Solid script and good acting (let's face it, when you have that, who is really going to care about some dodgy camera angle?)
- Wit and charm
- M&S Chocolate Pudding
- Loving Nature (she rocks more than you)
- Shakespeare (apart from 'Twelfth Night')
- Good sense (which I generally lack, so gravitate towards like a child deprived of a meal)

Hope you enjoy, feel free to message me and follow me!