Monday, 16 March 2009

I like the dog

many things to be thankful for now that we are back from NYC:

- Deep's Bday Bash - didn't stay for long but that's cool. Had a nice chat with Nikesh about acting, movies etc and then we never would have discovered that cool pizza place, Yard. Yum. oh and would never come up with my new phrase: 'When the party starts swinging, that's when we bounce.'

- The London Underground is far more user-friendly than the NYC subway. hehehe.

- The friendly ppl in NYC.

-That we did so much walking everywhere. and the Empire State views of the city were awesome. it was clear day ^^

- My mum seems to be giving me lots of hugs lately. I'm not complaining - they help to recharge my batteries, hehe. Yes, i am a mummy's girl, so what?

- Playing with Biren'd dog, JR, last night in that fresh, cool night. he's a good dog, i don't know why i was ever freaked out? he has calmed down since being...y'know. snip. pets are good for keeping your spirits up. i would be devastated when they die though, that's the thing. *shrug*

- Application to Oxford is done. UEA's is being sent tomorrow. then RHUL.

- finding out about the Oxford Literary Festival. awesome.

- Mammiji getting me Aloe Vera Juice and the Ram Dev DVD - which saved me a trip to the health shop in chigwell and then ram dev shop in goodmayes. yaya!

- Venu saying I could call her if I ever needed info on drugs - prescription only, haha! so damn sweet, she's so adorable. but my path takes me away from the messy world of drugs, thank god.

Think that is about it for now. ^^

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