Sunday, 11 October 2009

Thank god

I just realised I technically DO NOT have to eliminate one of the characters from my three part novel/saga - i was in some despair about crossing her off the list of the main eight, only to make a face at the prospect of there now being only seven/six. I mean 'The Hearth of Seven' just doesn't have the same ring and we all know 'six' sucks aesthetically in terms of the 's' and 'x' sound.

So amen to the imagination that worked out that I don't have to be so extreme in my adjusting methods (you ever wonder why it is these flashes of genius come to you while in the bathroom?) After all, what's a story without a long, lost cousin who can turn into a wolf? What are long, lost cousins good for if not packing out the meat on the bones? There always had to be 'eight'. I'm glad my invisible fairy guardians knocked me up the head so i GOT IT. *I never abandoned you, oh great, character I was unwittingly going to kill, I never abandoned yooooooou!** (that's me running in my imagination-land fields chasing after said character who glares at me as she speedily runs away)

Now I just have to get down and start writing. ^^ oh more flashes of genius i must write down.

Oh and in seeing LOTR the other day, i officially have to put the 'Lighting of the Beacons' in The Return of the King as one of the ultimate cinematic moments. super cool.

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