Thursday, 26 November 2009


I feel good today and it seems like a long time coming hehehe. you know sometimes you need to get back in touch with certain frames of mind/modes of thinking or perceiving even that remind you

a) you have unlimited potential
b) what are you afraid of?
c) good things ARE happening
d) you are a part of that happening

So yeah I've been neglecting the whole philosophy behind this blog which is to be 'always grateful' so I had to re-align with that.

Today, I'm feel accomplished somewhat - I have edited a video - the first in fact - for Sketchbook TV. I have managed - after weeks of struggling- to get two other editors to edit other projects - all very exciting. And the work other colleagues have done is coming along - and you marvel at everyone's willingness to do it - and for free!

Next stop - a PAYING job!

sing with me now 'I can do it!'

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