Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Reading 'Brideshead Revisited'

Okies, first things first, let me thank fellow aspiring author, Tufan Gavaz who has posted a link of my blog on his. I'm impressed to read his organised approach to the book he's written - puts me rather to shame and inspired in the same instance. Good luck to him in getting published! Ps - 'Tufan' is such a cool name!

Okies, so in my list of books I bought, I am now tackling 'Brideshead Revisited', partly because it was someone's 'Books that Changed Their Life' and I was intrigued. I have to admit though, that at the moment,  I'm reading it without much compulsion, though it has something to do with reading just before going to bed and sometimes writing of that calibre requires a little more time and energy, so ashamedly I have skim read through the 'Prologue' which failed to engaged me at all and skimmed until I got to the part where he meets Sebastian and they take a trip to Brideshead. I'm just waiting for the tension to build when the protaganist meets with Julia and the rest of the Brideshead clan. The stuff about Oxford is mildly entertaining and rather illuminating in opening ones eyes to the culture there. That awful part of me that has always yearned for an upper class style lifestyle does feel attracted to that sort of living but...*shrug* I leave it at that.

Oh, better check lunch isn't burning.

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