Wednesday, 10 February 2010

The Artists Way and Writing

Ok, so I have been enjoying writing of late, particularly spurred on by reading and doing the exercises suggested in the Creative Writing textbook I was leant, as well as the stuff out of 'The Artist's Way', given to me by an awesome friend! I'm beginning to feel good about 'Morning pages' where you literally write first thing in the morning, as you wake up.

I have gone to pen and paper when writing my chapters for 'The Sword & The Scion' and outlining all the plot arcs etc etc. You can check out what has splurged out on to the page while tackling chapter 33/34, not sure yet. Good lord, about ten odd chapter left I would say - go me!! I will continue to let the pen do its mighty walk (run I should say!) across the page - dance away!

Looking forward to 'Desperate Housewives' tonight.

Oh and thank you lord and the universe for the new job I have lined up, so grateful for it! And for the new adapter I bought so I can stick my SD card into the ExpressCard slot in my Mac. Makes everything sooo much easier!!

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