Thursday, 4 February 2010

NFT, 'Sacred Hearts' and Kick the Plug

Yesterday was a full day in London and it's been awhile coming. By 10am I was at the NFT for the screening of the Skillset/LCC 35mm projects shot back in 2008. I have forgotten how busy the commute still is at 9.00am. The screening was very cool, I love the theatre at NFT1, it's so grand and the seats recline when you sit back - basically the ideal cinema. I will definitely want to go back and watch there again. Afterward there was a mingling and general catching up session - was good to see the LCF people and others and we all complained how Jobseeker's do not get how employment works in the film industry. I mean they don't have a career code for our line of work!

Moving on, I strolled leisurely along the Southbank, determined to take my time, it's so calming. It was a world away from when I was there at Xmas and they had cute, little winter shacks selling Xmas fare of course. I popped into Foyles to treat myself to 'Sacred Hearts' by Sarah Dunant, after being convinced by C4's TV Book Club raving about it on their last episode. I bumped into a former colleague who worked with me at Foyles in Selfridges and I want to say his name is Tom (I don't think he remembered my name, in fact he didn't recognise me at first). I walked out all grins because, believe or not, I'm super excited about reading this book, and it's been simply ages since I have been gripped by this kind of passionate urge, so I'm not running to it every moment I have, I'm determined to draw this out and prolong the pleasure. I've read the first 20 odd pages and I already feel I'm going to love it.

In the evening I met up with my friend to go to The Wilmington Arms and watch the Kick the Plug event where bands/musicians play. Last time we went to see Broadcast 2000. This time it was Rachel Dadd, This is The Kit and Stairs to Korea. Really lovely set actually, especially the girls, Rachel and Kate - their voices were gorgeous. Kate of 'This is The Kit' had such a clarity in her voice, it was mesmerising and every lyric demanded meditation and then reflection when strung together. Rachel's piano tunes were stunningly creative. I can't recall the track but there was an epic piece, with bells strung to her ankles, churning out the beat and that sent my mind into a fantastic trance. The girls ended together with 'Window' and when the bells strung out and Kate knocked on the edge of her guitar, it finished off the night wonderfully.

(Stairs to Korea)

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