Friday, 13 August 2010

Yours truly has another bash at interviewing

And might I say I am getting better at it. What am I talking about? Being thrust in to interviewing George Lamb at The Clothes Show of course, thanks to my camera-man who is ever aware, ever observant and very action-man; the kind of push I need really, so thank you awesome Matthieu Ferreira!!

So please check out Sketchbook TV at the Clothes Show Live where we asked George Lamb about London and the 1960s...any guesses to what his answer might be? Oh and he was wearing really cool red espadrilles but we didn't get a shot of that, sorry! And he is very good looking in the flesh, so of course I was super geekish when interviewing him. But we got him to give out the first shout for Sketchbook TV ever :D

Highlight of that weekend? Hell, yeah!

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