Thursday, 30 December 2010

Sketchbook TV @ The Design Museum

So I am excited about Sketchbook TV's latest video episode. We've had a dry spell somewhat with problems with editors not coming up with the goods for some stuff that we shot over summer - such a real shame (quite literally have not heard from them).

So I took the plunge and bought my own Canon 7D and took it out to 'officially' video my first gig at Sketchbook Mag's event at The Design Museum. I couldn't stay for long and there was a lot going on and no real chance to get a proper sit down interview with Fred Butler or any of the other amazing designers or illustrators there. Not a prob though because I had a lot of fun filming it and had a good bash at editing. It took ages to find a good tune, having scoured lots of sites that offer royalty free music and all that jazz. Finally settled for this awesome tune 'Inside the Light' by Musician Toy which totally worked in the fact that Sketchbook's event was called 'Sparkle the Dark Up'. So I went with that, with lots of shots of silhouette and light etc.

Have a gander, I am proud :D

Video I shot using my Canon 7D.

Sketchbook Magazine's event at the Design Museum - Sparkle the Dark Up - which featured talks by fashion designer Richard Nicoll and props stylist and accessories designer Fred Butler, as well as workshops with Gabriela Mot.


Inside the Light - Musician Toy

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