Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Thoughts on 'Dabangg'

Well, it's been awhile since I reported on any movie viewing etc. That's not to say I have had a dry spell as such, just that there wasn't much worth writing about. 

I did go and see 'Rio' which was a nice, pretty movie. 

Otherwise, I broke out from my usual watching habits and was coerced into viewing 'Dabangg', a Bollywood movie. I wouldn't have even given such a film the time of day, no thanks to Salman Khan starring, an actor who left acting at the door post year 2000. The last performance of his that I enjoyed was 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai'. I mean I don't dislike him too much; he was excellent in movies like 'Khamoshi' etc. 

Needless to say this movie was a laugh - and - yes, very enjoyable! Salman's character fitted him perfectly - it was very stylised and like a spaghetti Western - and often ridiculous - but it was shot well, his character was engrossing and his journey meant something. Not to mention that the script was top notch and very witty - components so devastatingly lacking in most Bollywood movies. Additionally - and wait for this - the female lead ACTUALLY had a role, and demonstrated real acting! Sonakshi Sinha wasn't just some prop there to look pretty and shake her ass distastefully. Here, here! (Granted, she was somewhat submissive in the grand scheme of things but you canna have it all...)

Truth by told, it was a classic Bollywood movie dressed in 'Robin Hood' themes  - helping the poor, underdog against the baddies - the baddies being corrupt politicians in UP, falling in love with a local girl who needs saving from her drunk father, acceptance within a family, mummy's boy, lots of hand to hand combat and the list goes on. 

This post is a little scant on details etc - I urge you to check this movie out for a bit of fun ^^ I'll leave the longer post to when I review X-Men: First Class next week! *excited*

VERDICT: 7.9/10

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