Thursday, 1 September 2011

My first writers interview online

httI have the great pleasure of getting acquainted with the editor of Annexe, an online mag which pays tribute to the written word. The superb man in question is Nick Murray who is a heck of a multi-talented guy and when I met up with him recently, he and his friend/fellow musician, also Nick Taylor, were kind enough to interview me regarding my writing and my debut novel. 

Now, I must say, I have got rather excited about it all - being showcased and all and the fact that the Nicks have sportingly portrayed me in such good light! (not at all implying that I am not unlike what they have described but some decent embellishment has gone in - ok, I'll shut up the self-deprecating mini-me whispering in my ear).   

So please feel free to visit the article here, while you can find Annexe Mag's FB page here. Have a peruse of their material, it's worth it! 


  1. congrats Komal. pls let me know where I can read about your novel ? thanks

  2. Hi Anand,

    Thanks for your support :)

    I will keep you posted when the novel is available to read.