Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Review of Mission Impossible 4

This is not my usual cinema fare - I tend to wait for such movies to appear on TV or whatever but sometimes you gotta get out of the house.

I will readily admit that I *enjoyed* it as an entertaining, action led film. Otherwise there is perfect reason to label it pants on the grounds of story, plot, yada yada. I still don't really get the whole IMF thing and why it always blamed for stuff - the sort of cathartic release that Ethan Hunt's character gets from putting that all behind him at the end of MI3 gets kind of wiped clean away.

There just was no character drive other than to stop the Russian whacko starting a nuclear war. It would have been more interesting if the antagonist wasn't bad just for the sake of it. As a result, Ethan has nothing to overcome other than crazy stunt work. The only character to have a 'battle' of some kind was the agent chick and well, that was dry as...as the Sahara. Actually the 'analyst' character does have an arc per se but again that's just resolved by a conversation, yet that was a relatively 'intelligent' dynamic, I suppose.

But the fact that it's directed by Brad Bird means you don't really linger on such issues - you get propelled along and the visual spectacle doesn't disappoint. You cannot help but be impressed by Cruise's shimmying up the what's-it hotel in Dubai. But that tracking device working in a sandstorm - pssht, yeh right! And I love how Ethan happens to pick up the most trendy leather jacket from some random washing line, with badass hood and evra-tin!

There was a fair few laughs generated by Simon Pegg's character (plus the 'Bollywood' scene with Anil Kapoor was major - for once he was in the *perfect* role!) and the jet setting between locations gave it a Bond-like feel but otherwise the film didn't feel punchy enough, though it left it with a sweet moment and the promise that the gang can get back together to another impossible mission of some kind, always operating underground, while we mere mortals plod on obliviously.

But I did enjoy it, despite all that it lacked - weird, right? Lunar activity clearly...or probably because it wasn't in 3D!


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