Thursday, 5 April 2012

Earth 2 Hub - Blog article on nature in film

Whoops, a little slow on posting this up here but the kind people at Earth 2.0 Hub have published an article I wrote for them about how film can be used to initiate the concept of integrating with nature. I basically wrote it in response to the whole idea that when we go about our days, our stories and our pursuits are completely human-centric and there's no sense of nature or the wider environment at all.

 The site has gone under a radical new transformation - looking all swish and exciting, so I'm grateful the post was released once the new site when live. 

I'm rather chuffed about penning this because for once, I don't take a middle ground and take a clear stance on the issue - i.e. being environmentalist doesn't require an 'add-on' mentality, it requires a whole shift in perspective.

If you have a mo, please check it out here and share if you fancy!

Also really thrilled that I'm on the contributors list.

Merci in advance :)

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