Wednesday, 16 January 2013

To the next phase...

I've mulled this over for awhile and I've decided to bid adieu to this particular blog and switch to a new one. I essentially want to align it more with my new website, So it's got a look closer to the website and will focus more on my writing pursuits :)

I'm still going to keep a section for film reviews but it won't be the main focus of the new blog. If you've enjoyed what I've been penning over the last few years then please do hop over and have a peek and may be follow if it takes your fancy. (DO IT!) And if you've ever thought that 'Geez, she mentions her writing etc and yet there's no showcase for it', well my fine friend, that is what the new website and blog will be doing a lot of - it's a platform to encourage/inspire me to post up work and get people to read, share, comment - all that jazz that web users are doing these days, non?

I've had a blast writing this blog and keeping it 'fairly' consistent (...right?) I'm determined to be more frequent with the new blog, a sort of weekly update schedule rather than a once month. Can I do it? Let's see y'all! NEW BLOG: A Very Published Affair

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