Saturday, 31 January 2009

Muchos gracias ^^:

1. Super yummy dinner at my fave restaurant, The Ark, You just canna go wrong with fish. And we got there early and were seated right away, otherwise you have to wait a really long time to be seated because they are always so busy.

2. And then we came home for dessert - super yummy birthday cake and I imposed my family game time with Scrabble which was fun and it brings everyone together and is infinitely more engaging and healthy than TV.

3. Laughing til I couldn't breathe thanks to the end scramble to see where we can fit our last letters of 'Y' and 'V' (mum saying in panjabi 'kajal, make quizy, make quizy' - u kinda had to be there but OMG i thought i was going to faint from laughing)

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