Sunday, 8 February 2009

pork anyone?

best things about friday night when me and kaj had our bday bash:
- the bar was uber nice
- everyone we love was there- masala zone food was pretty yummy actually

funny moments:
- when didi thought aisha was 'jo' and wafa was 'hemma' ???
- pauline telling us that MnS have a prob with their meat getting stolen in ilford and apparently the thieves sell it down the street and so she did an impression of a dodgy man opening his bag and asking if anyone wanted pork.
- the dodgy man pauline had to sit next to on the tube
- the dude who stacked it in masala zone- joel retelling the puke story about vickie...again!
- the chavs who were *trying* to dance to some percussion played my some dude on plastic tubs
- wen we didn't believe pauline about the giant socket on the side of the building ^^

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