Thursday, 19 February 2009

Exmoor Retreat

Timberscombe, Somerset. Unfortunately didn't manage to go into any churches while we were there. But it was a gorgeous place, nevertheless - the whole of Exmoor that we happened to experience, that is.
Above is one of the views from Dunster Castle, which was another beautiful place. we were lucky it was so sunny and clear all day - we managed to see the coastline of Wales from across the Bristol Channel. Very cool. You could just imagine being there however many hundreds of years ago; a lady of the castle looking out across the bay. I wonder whether there are any stories of conflicts - i.e. men from Wales coming across the channel - or was it generally peaceful between the exmoor-ians (??) and those across from them. *shrug* I should look into it - it's all excellent research for a major project me and my sister are goin to understake in the near future. it was very cool to put ourselves in the shoes of one of the characters we had in mind and imagining what it would be like - being able to see anyone approaching Dunster and the castle because you have amazing vantage points from the castle and her gardens.
I am truly grateful for seeing my mother slow down to 5mph completely - she did everything in her sweet time; she wasn't in a state of perpetual haste. she was at complete ease. truly that was a sight in itself. the cottage we stayed at was simply adorable - perfect and quaint and superbly provided for.
All in all, a wonderful short holiday. i would love to go there in the summer, though it would be very busy - and this time go for a prescribed trek through the park, as organised by the national park authority, and try horseriding as well. and visit the churches this time.

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