Tuesday, 9 June 2009

in balance

well i don't necessarily feel 'in balance' right now, though i should take a hint from the universe because despite the very real ebbing of life, there is beautiful creation, new lives bursting into existence around us all the time.

and good news for loved ones, esp those ones who are dearer than dear, is good news for oneself; their success and joy being yours as well.

i am trying to shed the stress of the last month because apparently this next month is going to be good for me:
This will be a fantastic month - just your cup of tea! There'll be plenty to be excited about in June, and it will be a month that gives you a much needed change of pace. Fun, time for romance and friends, attention to home-related projects, important developments in regard to work assignments, and even time to go to the gym to get fit will be possible now. Where do I start? Dear Aquarius, your cup overflows! (astrologyzone.com)

wee bit hard to be excited about things being stuck behind this desk all day with no real work to do. but i am grateful it earns me money ^^

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