Friday, 15 May 2009


OMG my new mac is so pretty and sleak and shiny ^^ i loves it. just have to get used to the way things function on here. already know i will need a mouse. canna deal with the touchpad just yet. and have to adjust to small things on the keyboard like @ being in a different place. hehe. ^^ 

wish i didn't feel so nauseous and dizzy right now. yuck. 

Oh and Dr. Pankaj Naram's clinic got back to me about my email i sent though somehow the email feels a little clinical with a list of home remedies and instructions not to have anything wheat or dairy. dairy i can cut out no prob. but wheat? hmmmm. a wee bit harder. i am willing to do anything to get better though. so i will order those list of remedies. i wish i could speak with him, though. *shrug* should be grateful that i got a reply really. ^^

Oh and all my references palava got sorted out on wednesday thanks to the amazingness that is pati diaz. there's only one application left- royal holloway and am afraid to ask for references again. actually why should i be? it's not like a crime! 

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