Friday, 14 August 2009

I could totally live there

So I spent a nice 'girl' time afternoon with my mum and sis and we were in Epping and strolled around which was pleasant, minus the rain that did start to pour. Mosey-ed through Fat Face because there was a 70 percent sale ^^ did i buy anything even though there was so much on sale? negatory. typical. hehehe. And then of course i got excited by a cute independent stationery shop. bought those note cards, so i can actually lay out scene-by-scene moments in screenplays and play around with structure, development and continuity. Makes me feel more intentional, more pro.

Onwards we went to Belgique. Yummy. Tartes aux fruits est tres bien.

Am reading 'The Wise Woman' by Philippa Gregory which somehow doesn't hold the same mystery and intrigue as the blurb painted (in my mind anyway) but is a good read nevertheless. A little sick though. *bleurgh*

I've been reading alot more on Screenwriting - subscribed to some website/blogs that deal with aspiring screenwriters or script readers in the biz. I read this article about how the movie 'The Covenant' was supposed to be the antithesis to Harry Potter and be about magic but in the dark/black arts kind of way; teenage boys being warlocks and what not. The darkness of the idea of course never reached the screen and was polished down to a PG-13 and no doubt lost the essence of the story but it opened no.1 at the box office and so made money. It does mean one doesn't have to write the most amazing piece of screenwriting ever to make it. But it also does make one wonder when will the general public begin to appreciate great storytelling. Did they ever or was it always a select bunch that amplified well written work out to the rest of the world? Hmmmm. *head hurts*

Watched the mormon episode of South Park and totally related to the family evening time when they play games and sing and there's no TV. that should be mandatory for every family ^^

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