Sunday, 23 August 2009

I think and I wish...

That it would be better if I lived abroad for awhile. Just get out of London, out of Britain, out of a country where the sky is too low and there's no sense of an endless horizon.

I envy those that do live apart, away from the nonsense that collective family brings. I would miss my best mates but in a general sense, it would be so good to start afresh in a new place. You can forge an individual path, individual being the operative word here ( i think this a delayed reactionary moment to being a triplet and feeling stuck in this 'set' all time, coupled with the burdening mess of being in a big family that is always in every one's business and somehow they think that qualifies them to know you on some level, when what the hell do they even REALLY know? They don't know about all the real things that make up who you are, what you believe, what is essentially so much bigger that the shallow, flat get-togethers where they only estimate you according to your marriage prospects. YUCK!!!!!) Ok, that's out of my system.

Yes, I know it doesn't express my gratitude at the moment, which is the point of this blog, but whatever. WHATEVER.

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