Wednesday, 6 January 2010

2010 is...[insert a rhyming phrase] ?

READING: 'The Other Side of You' by Salley Vickers
JUST READ: 'L.A. Candy' by Lauren Conrad
MUSIC: Death Cab for a Cutie - Meet me at the Equinox (I still hate Twilight/New Moon)

Ok, so today, what with the plummeting of beautiful snow outside, it's perfect for either a) writing, b) reading c) playing video games (nearly completed Twilight Princess but tried to beat that silly Yeti woman on the sledding game which was a continual bust, gah) or d) watching some DVD movies.

I suppose I should write about what I would like to happen in 2010 but I don't want to indulge in anticipating much of anything because plans made are seldom plans lived. They usually divert off course in the same way an astronomer has to be precise to the degree otherwise even a minute discrepancy may be the difference between now or a million light years away. (I don't know - is that a good analogy?)

There are some things I am aiming to do:
1) start to post some of my work via Twitter (either my long slog of novel - which is finally picking up and looks to be a finished project on the not-so-far horizon, or the beginnings of a screenplay, which would be best posted as a treatment first perhaps?)

2) start a video blog - something I have wanted to do for some time but my fear of being in front of the camera prevents me at times - it seems to be a fashionable thing to be doing right now.

3) if video-ing still daunts me then perhaps a blog where I actually comment on things, like current affairs or random stuff that interests me - OR (and this is fashionable too) where I can write reviews of movies I have made or books I have read.

4) GET A JOB! (a REAL one, hahaha)

So far there's no reason to think 2010 will disappoint, especially after I read an article from Script Magazine talking about writer's block and how if you get yourself to write the worst possible scene, at least it's out of your system and then the only direction you can go in is 'improvement', i.e. if you're at the bottom, the only way is up, right?

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