Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Sisters of Stone

So I finally got around to posting this up on my channel - it's teaser for a story not yet written and it will be a collaboration with another amazing artist/storyteller, creator of Arctic Bunny Animations. It's very exciting for me and my co-creator because it was a complete 'light bulb' moment, literally a flash of lightning that ignited an idea that just seemed to span out in my head like a someone's life flash by. In M&S in Bluewater no less, standing in a queue. I love how grand inspiration just grips you in the random places.

So please check out my video; it's inspired by the trip to Exmoor last year; the lay of the land and the general feel of the place we were in suddenly hit us as very 'Sisters of Stone'. It was only until I heard 'Primavera' by Ludovico Einaudi that I was gripped by the idea of a doing some sort of mood trailer. All it's missing is a scene with someone riding a horse through the forest...hehe. It's hardly Hollywood but it will do. At the end of the day, I had fun with it!

I leave with an extract to get you musing about the possible narrative arcs and suggestions that could become the fabric that will be the awesome 'Sisters of Stone.'

'Silent and strong like the bridge she walks, her cloak barely touching the earth. The world may move and change like the furious river below yet her sect will not. Glance to the left and she glides away to the order that commands her. She won't be led astray for she is a sister of stone..' 
written by K.K Verma  © 2009

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  1. LOVE IT - the trailer for a book wat a better way to give us a taste. I want more!