Thursday, 14 January 2010

For all aspiring writers

LISTENING TO - 'Hallelujah (acoustic) - Paramore'

Ok, so I stumbled across this site via Allison Winn Scotch on Twitter and it's just got some really sound advice and tips for aspiring writers like moi who need a push here and there to polish up our work and succeed.

I was perusing the "VOICE" articles, this being the voice of the story/novel/text and it's something I think we tend to take for granted. It does leave one feeling that they must go back and look at those chapters one has written to check they haven't erred by creating 'blah' voices and/or characters. It's a comfort to also know that one of the best methods is to basically 'act' it out and well, that's what I do for literally all my dialogue exchanges and it some how opens up the mind to the internal dialogue as well. On the same note, does anyone else use songs or instrumental music to help too? - like the kind of music your character might relate to  - or relates to them, non?

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