Monday, 22 February 2010

BAFTAs 2010 tame but fair

So of course I watched the BAFTAs yesterday. Interesting if not particularly exciting, though this maybe attributed to the fact I have been feeling like I'm in a cold-induced daze and gather little energy or enthusiasm (I think this isn't the case though).

Firstly, I thought Jonathan Ross' role as presenter was rather dismal. Was it just me that thought that the audience of various well-knowns appeared bored out of their mind and could muster hardly a giggle or smirk in response to Wozza's lame attempts at humour/levity? Nevertheless, I digress. I am secretly glad 'Avatar' didn't sweep the awards because in truth, it feels too spectacular for the Baftas and I feel like this particular ceremony focuses on more subtle, nuanced films (it's possible 'Avatar' will gain more accolades at the Oscars). I am glad for 'An Education' and Carey Mulligan - I actually LOVE the screenplay to the film so I feel very close to the material. It's a real shame that I haven't watched 'The Hurt Locker' because it looks riveting and I'm so glad that female directors have done so amazingly well this year. Colin Firth was love-ably nervous and from what I have seen of his performance in snatches in trailers, I'm not going to argue with the decision to give the much deserved award. I am a total sucker for British period films and so glad for the award 'The Young Victoria' got simply because I remember being captivated by the aesthetic qualities of the film before even viewing it.

The animation award to 'Up' was rightly bestowed; it's one film that really gets you in the heart and you don't expect it at all - there's something so beautifully simple about it, when you strip the story to the bare arc between the old couple and their journey. And the soundtrack award given adds to the fact that it has some of the most poignant compositions.

One gripe I have is the award given to Kristen Stewart. Of course, no one can deny the mad following that has pursued and enveloped the Twilight Saga movies but little can be gauged of Stewart's talent on her dubious performances in said films. She looks bored all the time and stoops awkwardly.

Lastly, the fellow award to Vanessa Redgrave was so wonderful to see; bless her, she was so moved by everything and it's so lovely to see such elegance, poise and humility. She represents the legends of the golden age and they won't be many after who can emulate her.

I'm really inspired to see 'Precious' though; glad it won one award, I hope it wins more at the Oscars. It's so amazing to see the moving performance of Gabourney Sibide just from what I did catch of it. I'm still bummed the Lee Daniels talk at the London Film Festival got cancelled.

Overall I thought the Baftas awarded those films that are heart wrenching and thought provoking. I'm glad they didn't lose sight of the that in favour of the visual flare of 'Avatar' which has a different kind of power. 

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