Saturday, 20 February 2010

London Fashion Week Day 1

So yesterday was a day of the completely unplanned. I was supposed to be doing a Sketchbook TV gig and getting a team to cover the event - of course! However, editorial from Sketchbook Mag kind of failed to leave a plan in place before going off to New York Fashion Week, which was a real shame because we got there and the TV team were not able to obtain passes that would allow shooting of shows or backstage. (What's the point right?) We ended up doing a lot of improvising in order to grab some footage and the team were really patient, so thanks guys! It was a little embarrassing. I have one story to tell otherwise - this Sri Lankan guy came to us when he saw our TV team and asked who we were etc and then suggested we interview him and so of course, we did, only I couldn't find a Sketchbook writer anywhere to conduct said interview and that left me to do it - *shudder* which meant being IN FRONT of the camera people, but alas, duty called and saw me stepping up. (a career path as presenter a possibility? Oh i have such delusions of grandeur...hehe). The guy's name is Emmanuel Ray and he seemed to simply *love* the way I said his name (I didn't know there was another way to say it to be fair). But he is everywhere on the net - his career trajectory has just taken off. I kind of went into a 'mode' and started with 'So this is Sketchbook TV here at London Fashion Week with fashion expert...' etc as if I was doing this for years. Oh, I realised I missed getting into the 'role'.

Yet alas, we did not have continued luck with anyone else. We did see Yvan Rodic of The Facehunter Show but he was running around like anything and we couldn't get a minute with him.

We did film in and around Somerset House and the galleries; can someone tell me why Marks and Spencer's Percy the Pig showed up? Anyway, while Sasha filmed cutaways etc, I chatted away to designers and PR people (out of politeness really, cos heck I don't know squat about designers and fashion etc but then that shifted to genuine interest so I wasn't entirely insincere) - I talked to a couple of guys from Aristide; their gloves are gorgeous; also chatted to the designer behind BUBA - brilliant handbags with definite Indian inspiration behind their looks - and MiH jeans.

I'm a little out of it, so forgive me, that's about as much as I can muster about LFW. I hope the TV team can get permission to shoot some shows or at least backstage - that would be amazing!

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