Sunday, 24 October 2010

Film reviews written on my other blog

So I forgot momentarily that I used to write rather frequently on my other blog, 'The Sword & The Scion' - which is now lying dormant somewhat because it now is only going to be about my future book rather than general stuff, which this blog is more about.

There are some nice film reviews or film related topics I wrote too, so if you fancy taking a peek:

Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus

Forsaken soul of Bollywood

'Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince' - I take this from the LJ entry because it has some other content as well, so I pasted it here instead. Excuse the informality of it all, it was before I formalised my reviewing:

went to see harry potter and half blood prince. SPOILERS ALERT*****
wat a load of rubbish. for real. i so enjoyed the 5th movie - that was actually GOOD. Yates totally lost the ball here. the acting was diabolically bad. the young cast cannot compare to the seasoned actors, it makes everything feel embarrassing. i counted six times when i was utterly bored or wanted to walk out. Bonnie Wright is the worst actress to grace the silver screen since the beginning of celuloid. every line was dead and flat as if she had temporarily forgotten what it is like to speak NORMALLY - i.e she was like an animated corpse. Radcliffe could barely muster anything, he seemed spaced out. Watson seemed in pain or looked as if she was going to be run over every five minutes. to make it worse - the story was BUTCHERED - i mean you have a great story so how can you screw it up??? Royally that is, thanks to Yates. NOTHING was explained, pacing was so slow, any dramatic moments were drained of any build up and therefore fell flat like some unpleasant whoopee cushion that has seen better days. the sheer genius of the story, the Snape/Half Blood Prince thing was totally zapped out. Stupid, stupid teen-romance-angst moments were thrown in and over cried instead of being played out like in the book - with a bit of wit and some levity rather than everything feeling like one would rather throw themselves off the tower - no wonder Dumbledore did. Pants, sheer pants.

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