Thursday, 23 February 2012

Sites of Alternative Publishing - 1st piece of work exhibited!

I owe a lot to Annexe Mag once again for giving me one of my 'firsts' (*snicker*) - this time, my first piece to be properly showcased at an exhibit, in a very random but funky space in Hackney.

Nick Murray, the editor of Annexe, went beyond just plastering words up - he printed them on paper reels that were run through a tape played on a bespoke tape-player/reader thing. It's better in person  - I do no justice here at all. Perhaps a rather unbecoming photo of my goofy self, goofily happy at seeing my own personal tape will help to emit how awesome it all was. You can also see a demo of it here.

So naturally, you want to go check it out for yourself, non? There is other wonderful work on display courtesy of Pigeon Magazine and Very Small Kitchen's - all put together by Ladies of the Press

The exhibition is Sites of Alternative Publishing and is running until March 4th at the Five Years Gallery. So if you happen to be around, drop in and have a peruse.

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