Sunday, 12 February 2012

Kina Grannis - Youtube sensation and sensational live performer

American singer-songwriter Kina Grannis is as cute as a button and seeing her live at The Union Chapel this week was a real treat. The acoustics and settings were a perfect match for her music, (her guitar work accompanied by an excellent cello accompaniment) and her stunning voice, one that sounds more sweet and strong live than recorded - not to say there's anything lacking in her album, 'Stairwells' vocally, but rather it's such a rare thing to experience - and all props go to Kina, who started out her career jamming to a YouTube audience.

Her songs were pitted with banter, all of which kept coming back to how 'insane' or 'crazy' it was that she was performing to real, live people - her humble remarks and the awe she held for having an opportunity to come before us and play was all the more endearing - can you tell I'm now a huge fan? ('Let's be bezzies!)

Personal highlights for me were 'In Your Arms' and 'Strong Enough', a track that isn't included in the European deluxe album (why, oh why??!), so figures - and then there was the unplugged 'Message from Your Heart', where we all sang along. Fun times, we had fun times. 


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