Saturday, 15 September 2012

Camp Myth: Phoenix Watching - a Kickstarter Project

I am absolutely thrilled to be writing about a Kickstarter project that contributed to some months back - which has now culminated in what you can see in the image below:

Camp Myth: Phoenix Watching is the first in a series written by the fabulous Chris Lewis Carter. I can't remember how I stumbled onto the project now but I was instantly taken with the idea (anyone who knows me even a little, will know that the word 'myth' in anything usually gets my attention somehow...!). So I knew I wanted to contribute right away - I mean it involved a story based on mythical creature teens going to camp, what's not to love? Chris kept us informed every step of the way and invited backers to be part of the collaborative process - so many were able to come up with characters, which then got beautifully illustrated in the final piece (every fantasy writer needs a good illustrator, non?). And when our rewards came, they arrived with personal notes of thanks, which always works!

Another reason why this project resonated with me so well was because of the approach - the way that something like Kickstarter can help not only get much needed funds but also create a community around the project, backers who have a vested interest in making it work and succeed. It's a great platform, validated by the fact that I know so many people who are now using it as a process also. Therefore, personally, I've keenly watched how Camp Myth has developed and have been making much needed notes, because once my novel is done, well I needs to gets it out there and get some buzz. So thanks Chris, for providing some much needed inspiration :) (Please note, Chris persisted with a second Kickstarter Project for Camp Myth with a revised approach because the original didn't meet its funding - so, with persistence and some wise re-evaluating, Chris made it work and that's admirable right there). I know this is going to send corny but there is nothing quite like the feeling of holding the shiny, paperback edition and knowing you had a part to play in bringing into fruition.

I'll finish off by saying that Camp Myth is a thoroughly enjoyable read, immediately engaging, the characters have that vivid,  jump-out-of-the-page feel and I'm greatly looking forward to the next in the series. So I urge you to check out the site here and give it a go in any e-book format. You won't be disappointed. It's even getting developed into a table top game, so there's plenty more success stories to come from this (always loving a snowball effect, non? I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this getting picked up as an animated show and/or mobile game!)

Blurb of the book taken from the Camp Myth website:

Welcome to Camp Myth, the only summer camp built exclusively for young mythological creatures. Forget canoe rides and knot tying lessons – these kids are more likely to fish for a Kraken, or learn the proper way to train a Chimera!
Join Felix, a rebellious Fae forced to attend camp as punishment for his obsession with humans; Argee, the first (and only) nerdy Cyclops; and Moxie, a Kitsune who would rather smart-mouth than shape-shift. Can these three mythic outcasts survive long enough to earn a merit badge for Phoenix Watching, or will they end up as just another campfire story?

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