Friday, 15 January 2010

Sketchbook TV feature - ANNA FAYEMI

So, despite this being one of our really early projects in the genesis of Sketchbook TV, this episode has had a lot of work put in to it and it's finally up for the world to see. I'm really very proud with the outcome and the collaborations that have led up to it; just to mention one, the amazing Lucia, our editor. There was a real  'wanting to the punch the air' moment when she showed me her first edit and you think to yourself 'Oh, my, I'm so glad I brought her on!' Our cameraman James, as well, I bow to you - brilliant camera work - poor guy he literally had to just play it by ear but spontaneity does yield a certain genius!

Thanks again to everyone involved, it was a great process and I'm sure the video reflects it.

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