Thursday, 3 June 2010

Gleek on 'Glee'

Ok, so I am breaking protocol and writing about 'GLEE' rather than sticking to books and films. Shoot me, it's kind of hard to avoid right now, I mean the GLEE effect is everywhere. And in case you are wondering, I am a big fan :D

Why? Because it fills the fantasy I had of what high school should have been. Yes. There I said it - all I ever wanted to do was have actual credible 'rehearsal' space to voice my emotions and dilemmas through song. A Glee club would have satisfied that. 'Why didn't I join the choir?' I hear you ask. Well, no that would have been boring - why join choir when you can join Show Choir!?

Ok, so I am about to do something punishable by actually giving voice to my concerns with the show. Is it just me or does it seem to have got rather 'self aware' of its own hype since the Golden Globe win? The story lines seem to be falling apart and the show pieces taking precedent or centre stage (ooh pun!) while the actual developments with characters have become bitty and (dare I say it) inconsistent? e.g. where does Jesse keep disappearing off too? And if he was on Spring Break, why weren't the others? Or is he a senior and it's an American thing I'm missing? Moreover, when Sue Sylvester isn't there, doesn't the show lack something? Additionally, where is Quin staying since her parents threw her out and Finn found out that Puck was the dad? Furthermore, how LONG is it going to take for the kids to finally get that they need to be at one with themselves as Glee members? This constant clash between the 'norm' of popularity and the actual reality of it is already getting old. Lastly, is Ken the football coach still there? He randomly popped up in the episode when Emma found out about Will being a slut (*snicker*) - do Finn and Puck even play football anymore? They were randomly playing basketball one time. Also, Kurt was on the football team way back early but now the football team treat him all kinds of...*shrug* I'm being silly. Glee is allowed to get away with stuff like this, right? Right?

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