Friday, 4 June 2010

Kick the Plug 2nd June 2010

I have missed the other two Kick the Plug events much to my disappointment but I was excited to be able to head on down to The Wilmington Arms this Wednesday to enjoy the great music on offer.

The evening started off with Klaus, who kicked off by saying that he didn't like London because he never really has any fun here. He much prefers his town of Brighton - which is understandable. He quickly said that of course, he had fun at The Wilmington Arms, so all was forgiven. The poor guy was also afflicted with burps which he blamed on the fizzy beer. Bless. His music was a nice way to start off the evening and there was a particularly poignant track he played to round of his set, which was one of his first songs. 'Illuminations', which is more recent (you can hear a live version here) was a song that stuck out lyrically. I was a fan of the fairy lights intertwined around his mic stand and his choice to step back from the mic and sing out to the room.

Francois and the Atlas Mountains followed which was an entirely different sound altogether. Francois presented a mixed bunch and highlights were his trumpet playing and the upbeat 'Je suis de l'eau'. He appeared to be utterly absorbed in his music and occasionally bopped as one would do in their own room when no one is looking. I thought that was cool.

Lastly was Adelaide's Cape and it was perfect because at that moment all I wanted to do was close my eyes and listen, invoking a similar response to when Rachel Dadd played at the same venue some months ago (see my last review!) 'Girl of the Land' definitely stuck out as a track and I just admire anyone who can have you absorbed with just their voice and instrument. I loved it when Richard Thompson's 1952 Vincent Black Lighting was played at the end but then I'm a sucker for story songs anyhoo. I look forward to the next Kick the Plug event, may they keep coming.

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